to Mars

Immortalise yourself in a distributed digital eternity.

Gone to Mars is the first-ever virtual cemetery on a blockchain. There is a total of 1,089 Plots arranged in a Cartesian coordinate system. Each Plot has unique coordinates and a visual representation, a mesmerising crystal. All 1,089 crystals were generated algorithmically, and each of them is unique. The authenticity and ownership of each Plot are guaranteed by a unique ERC721-standard token (NFT) issued and stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

How it works

Once you've claimed a Plot, you can link your Twitter account to it and set up a time capsule for future generations.

A time capsule contains an AES-encrypted text message secured with a keyword and stored on-chain. Once you've set up a time capsule, it will be sealed until 2050.

When you feel the time is right, pass on your token together with the keyword to your descendants so they can take it to Mars one day.

Don't leave a physical burial after yourself.

Live forever in the form of code.


Cemeteries are obsolete.

We must not tie our descendants to our graves and expect them to visit.

They must not feel guilt for abandoning us if they have to.

They must be free to leave their hometowns, explore the world and never come back.

The world is no longer limited to Earth.

One day, our descendants will leave their home planet, too.

Some will go to Mars and never come back.

Most of us will stay here, dead or alive. It's the age thing.

But no one has to feel guilty or abandoned.

We must not become a burden to future generations.

We must not slow down the progress.

We must keep up with time, dead or alive.

We commit to not leaving physical graves after ourselves.

We reserve ourselves a space in a distributed digital eternity in the form of code.

We pass on this code to our descendants so they can take us to Mars one day.

We must live forever.

We must embrace FOMO.


The cemetery contains 16 perimeters that surround the central plot (0, 0). The closer the perimeter to the centre, the less plots it contains. The entire cemetery is available for minting from day one, you can select any plot you like (first come, first serve). The minting price is 0.0 ETH + gas. Linking your Twitter account and sealing a time capsule will only cost you gas. The central plot is reserved for whoever solves the crazy-ass Easter egg puzzle first. (See the contract).

The System

Not yet available
Owned by you

Time capsule

Send a message to the future. Express your views on today's reality or hopes for the future. Reveal your sacred thoughts to coming generations, or merely share your favourite recipe. Anything goes.

Encrypt your message with a keyword and store it safely until you pass it on to someone. We don't save keywords and won't be able to restore one in case of a loss. So take good care of it.

Your message will be stored on-chain forever, but it won't be possible to reveal it before 2050. It's a time capsule, after all.


The project is executed and controlled by a tailor-made smart contract deployed to the Ethereum blockchain (see the contract).

Letter to Future Generations: Take Us to Mars, Kids!

We're digital nomads, and we commit to never having physical graves. We left our hometowns years ago in pursuit of a life-long journey. Ever since then, we carry in ourselves an internal conflict. What do we do when our parents pass away and leave nothing but a gravestone somewhere thousands of miles away from us? Will we then come back for good? If not, how will we be visiting their graves? Do we even have to? If we don't, what will our relatives say? All these questions will be haunting us as long as our parents choose to transform themselves into a physical burial. But it's up to them. What's up to us is what we leave to our descendants. We don't want you to carry the same conflict and face the same choices years later. So we're putting this to an end. We commit to not having a physical burial in order for future generations to be able to travel the world freely. One day, you'll set yourselves on a life-long journey and ultimately reach Mars. To free you from archaisms and prejudices, we choose to transform ourselves into a line of code after our days are over. We see this as a final act of our digitisation as nomads. Passing on the code to our descendants, we immortalise ourselves in the distributed digital eternity and continue our journey beyond our lives.


Frequently Asked Existential Questions

There's no easy answer to that. We believe that a complex combination of our own beliefs, values and corresponding actions truly define our identities. But regardless of who you are, the most important thing is to be nice to people.

For us, it's the pursuit of happiness. We like the idea that happiness isn't a destination but a journey. It's an entirely unsustainable matter, which is constantly slipping away, and therefore it pushes us to keep exploring what else is out there. It's precisely the pursuit that makes you feel alive, not happiness on its own.

Well, we believe that happiness is in freedom. It's the only thing that gives you the power of thought, choice, and action. But the trick is that it isn't a constant. At times, the freedom of other people serves as a limitation to yours. Other times, things that made you happy yesterday won't be as exciting tomorrow, and you'll have to move on, searching for a new source of happiness. Hence the pursuit.

That's probably the hardest one because it's very individual. However, we believe that a greater purpose lies in exercising whatever makes you happy, given that you don't exceed the limits of the freedom of others.

Many great people made it because they were passionate about things that corresponded with their set of values, which allowed them to exercise the pursuit of happiness to its fullest. So try to pay attention to something you're good at. Chances are you could devote yourself to it.

We don't know. But we think it's the end. That's why we choose to embrace FOMO and set ourselves on an endless journey in the pursuit of happiness. Whatever life and death are, one is short, and another is inevitable. Or is it?

Practically, you get separated into two components, your consciousness and your legacy. Most likely, the consciousness merely ceases to exist (you're dead, after all), but your legacy lives on, which is pretty insane.

Humanity should stop creating physical burials, so it’s best to just dispose of the body. You’ll hardly need it anymore. We recommend choosing the most eco-friendly way of disposal at the time of your death. Which exact way is entirely up to you.

That is, again, very individual and solely depends on how you exercise your pursuit of happiness. To be honest, anything goes. Just be nice to people, serve as an inspiration for others and do some real shit that makes you happy.

The usual FAQ

Yes, you can. And we hope you'll do so when the time comes to pass it on to your descendants. Alternatively, you can provide them with access to your entire wallet.

You can do it via a marketplace such as OpenSea or by transferring your token directly from your wallet to the wallet of the new owner.

Regardless of who owns a token, all the time capsules will remain sealed until 2050. If you transfer your token with an intention for the new owner to open a time capsule after 2050, you'll need to make sure they have the correct keyword to access it. If for some reason, you've transferred it to another owner who intends to use it for themselves, they'll have an option to set up a new time capsule, and your one will be destroyed.

That would be a bummer cause we won't be able to restore it. Think of it as a seed phrase for your wallet. Take good care of it, make sure not to lose it, and pass it on to the right people only.

It will remain as a signature on the token you've transferred until the new owner changes it. The logic is that we encourage the owners to pass their tokens to their descendants, who won't be amending the token's data.

You enter the message, which can be as long as you want, provide a keyword that you'll have to store somewhere safe, and submit your message to future generations. It gets encrypted and stored on-chain. In 2050 all the time capsules will become available for unsealing. However, they will not open automatically and will remain encrypted on-chain. Whoever accesses your Plot via this website will have to provide the keyword to unseal the time capsule. Also, they'll be able to do it anytime later on.

You're free to use your Plot entirely anonymously. But we believe it's always good to know what company you're in.

Changes you make to your token, such as linking your Twitter account or setting up a time capsule, will require a gas fee. That is how the blockchain works. With every change, you're sending a transaction to the network that has to be processed. For that, the network requires processing fees (aka gas). You'll be able to choose the amount you wish to pay depending on how fast you want your changes to apply. Besides that, the gas fee for the time capsule setup will depend on the length of your message.